Richardson Bennett Farm



At Richardson Farms, we are dedicated to promoting the growth and sustainability of the agriculture industry. We believe that research and education are the keys to continuous progress within our field. Through field trials and by demonstrating the latest technology and farming practices, we offer valuable learning experiences to our customers, employees, and suppliers. 
Richardson Kelburn Farm

Kelburn Farm

Red River Valley, black soil zone
Howden, Manitoba
Richardson Bennett Farm

Bennett Farm

Brown soil zone
Richardson, Saskatchewan
Learning and Development at Richardson Farm

Learning and Development

Richardson Farms provides a supportive environment for agricultural learning, fostering the growth and development of knowledge in the field. We invite our employees, suppliers, and partners to explore the latest in products and practices. Visiting our demonstration farms gives our stakeholders the ability to put theory into real-world practice and evaluate emerging technologies for future growing seasons. 

We also collaborate with industry organizations to offer learning opportunities for children of all ages. Each year, we invite young minds to Richardson Farms so they can learn more about the origins of food, sustainable practices, and the vital role farming plays in their local communities and across the globe. 

Field at Richardson Bennett Farm with Supplier Signage

Collaboration on the Farm

We proudly work with a diverse network of industry partners that play a crucial role in supporting and contributing to our ongoing research initiatives. Their participation helps us deliver cutting-edge solutions to the farming community. The Richardson Farms success story would not be complete without the support of these valued partners.