Overhead view of Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre

Crop Nutrition

We supply our customers with the fertilizer and crop nutrition products they need to increase yields. From custom blends to bulk fertilizer and specialty fertilizer options, we carry a wide range of products to suit diverse on-farm needs.

Commodity & Specialty Fertilizers

Our primary crop nutrition offering includes dry and liquid nitrogen, phosphate, potash, and sulfur, with anhydrous ammonia available at select locations. Our dedicated logistics teams and seven fertilizer distribution warehouses across Western Canada support our network’s inventory reliability. We also offer a diverse range of specialty products including compound fertilizers, water-soluble fertilizers, micronutrients, and fertilizer nutrient-use efficiency promoters.  

Specialty Products

MicroEssentials SZ
MicroEssentials S10
MicroEssentials S15

Exclusive & Proprietary Products

We always seek opportunities to bring added value to our grower customers. Our experienced agronomy team is focused on expanding valuable product offerings for our growers through exclusive partnerships.

Available Only at Richardson Pioneer

CirrusX Pro
Overhead view of VIS Blender and Fertilizer Shed

Best-in-Class Assets

With an ever-tightening application season, the speed of our retail blending facilities allows us to meet in-season needs of our customers. Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centres offer state-of-the-art, high-speed fertilizer blending and coating options. Our locations across Western Canada offer customizability in fertilizer blends, and our VIS-blending systems can treat fertilizer with up to eight different products. 

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