Overhead view of Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre

Grain Marketing

Production Contracts

We offer diverse contracting tools and options to assist customers in selecting the right contract and timing for marketing their grain. These tools help with managing grain storage, ensuring a minimum price for corps, taking advantage of market rallies, optimizing cash flow, and avoiding production shortfall risks.

Overhead View of Truck Loading Grain


We pride ourselves on fast, efficient service for our growers and meeting global buyers' needs. Our dedicated logistics team ensures timely collection and delivery of commodities by rail, truck, and vessel to over 50 countries worldwide.
Close Up Shot of Richardson Pioneer Employee Inspecting Canola Plant

Identity-Preserved Programs

Our crop solutions advisors support specialty crop growers, ensuring guaranteed purchases by end-use customers. In many countries we sell to, food processors and consumers prefer identity-preserved (IP) grains for their purity and quality.

We provide contracts to grow IP grains that meet our end-use customers' specifications. Richardson Pioneer oversees these contracts, offers crop consultation, ensures grain integrity through our handling systems, and manages shipping grain directly to buyers. Our grower customers can earn premiums for their IP grains.