February 2, 2022

Multi-Year View: Fertility at Richardson Bennett Farm

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Multi-year data sets are a must when testing fertilizer practices to see how climate factors affect results depending on the year (mainly temperature and moisture). At Richardson Bennett Farm, we looked at how much phosphorous could be placed in the seed row in field peas and we also tested different timings of boron in canola.

Field peas are sensitive to seed-placed phosphorous, and excess amounts can affect plant stand. We also wanted to see if it would have any effect on nodulation. Varying levels of phosphorous from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 125 lbs of MicroEssentials® per acre were put in the seed row with the field peas to determine toxic levels.

Interestingly, the field peas were more tolerant to seed-placed phosphorous from MicroEssentials® than was expected. There are limits to seed-placed phosphorous that did reduce plant stand in field peas, however, the rate that resulted in reduced plant stand was not necessarily the tipping point for a reduction in yield. In terms of the effect on nodulation, seed safe rates for the crop were equivalent to the safe rate for the rhizobia in inoculants.

Boron is well known to be an essential micronutrient for improving canola growth and yield. However, some soils are inherently lower in boron, meaning fertilizing can increase canola production on those acres. When is the best time to fertilize with boron? This trial looked at timings including banded at seeding, foliar with herbicide, and foliar with fungicide.

Earlier timing, whether banded at seeding or foliar with the herbicide, improved canola production on soils that were determined to be low in boron on a soil test report. Ensuring your canola crop has the required boron available to it prior to bolting was found to be the best way to utilize boron fertilizer in these trials.

These trials will continue at Richardson Bennett Farm for another year in 2022. For more information on either set of results, contact your Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre.