April 4, 2024

BASF Digital Farming and Richardson International Announce the First Commercial Agreement for xarvio® FIELD MANAGER in Canada

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CALGARY, Alberta / WINNIPEG, Canada, March 18 – BASF Digital Farming and Richardson International (‘Richardson’) announced today the first commercial agreement for xarvio FIELD MANAGER between BASF Canada Inc. and Richardson.

Through the agreement, xarvio FIELD MANAGER, an advanced agronomic enablement platform powered by BASF, will be added to Richardson’s well-established agronomic advisory and digital ag services. Richardson will extend the use of this technology to its entire network, spanning four Canadian provinces – Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

With xarvio FIELD MANAGER, Richardson’s agronomists will be able to offer growers more precise, field-specific crop management advice during the season. This includes up-to-date information on plant growth stages and disease risks, with early risk alert notifications provided to protect crops from key diseases, such as Sclerotinia in Canola. Combining these risk alerts with the expertise of Richardson’s agronomists, will allow their agronomists to make product recommendations that can help maximize a grower’s yield.

Additionally, Richardson agronomists will be able to use xarvio FIELD MANAGER to generate tailored variable application maps for seeding, crop protection, and nutrition tasks based on field specific data such as yield maps, soil maps, and 15 years of historic biomass imagery from satellite data. These customized application maps assist with the targeted use of crop inputs in field areas that present optimal yield potential. xarvio FIELD MANAGER’s variable application maps are compatible with all machinery terminals.

xarvio FIELD MANAGER’s recommended agronomic advice in Canada is calibrated to local conditions. It is further supported and maintained through ongoing BASF field trials, where plant growth, pest, and disease models are developed, assessed, and confirmed by BASF agronomists.

In 2022/23 Canola field trials, which took place in Western Canada in various climatic conditions, xarvio FIELD MANAGER consistently predicted economically significant field-specific Sclerotinia disease incidence. Spraying for Sclerotinia at the optimal time can help to effectively protect yield and improve ROI, particularly in higher-yielding, higher-risk fields.

Kael Briggs, xarvio Commercial Lead for Canada, comments: “Like Richardson, we lead with agronomy whether that is through our seed, crop protection, or digital farming tools. Our focus in the digital tools space is on delivering agronomic intelligence that helps to optimize crop production, improve profitability, and fosters sustainability.”

“Richardson and BASF have a longstanding and trusted partnership, and we are thrilled to now introduce xarvio FIELD MANAGER to our digital agriculture lineup,” says Russ Reich, Vice-President of Crop Inputs at Richardson International. “We are committed to enhancing our offerings with value-added services and tools, empowering our grower customers to make well-informed decisions for their farming operations. Our goal is to assist them in maximizing yields while safeguarding their crops throughout the growing cycle. We are confident that xarvio FIELD MANAGER will play a crucial role in achieving this objective and believe it aligns seamlessly with our go-to-market strategy.”

Leta LaRush, Vice President, Business Management for BASF Canada Agricultural Solutions adds, “Through this first commercial agreement, together we can help Canada’s farmers get the best of both worlds – sound advice from Richardson’s experienced team of agronomic advisors, complemented by the precise digitally enabled recommendations we deliver at BASF.”

xarvio FIELD MANAGER is now available at Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centres across Western Canada.

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