June 20, 2023

ADAMA: Listen > Learn > Deliver

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While many crop protection companies have turned their attention to the development of seed technologies and collecting “big data”, only ADAMA remains unapologetically committed to providing the kind of innovative crop protection solutions Canadian growers need today.

ARROW ALL IN® is one of these innovative solutions, a unique Group 1 Clethodim formulation which provides superior grassy weed control with the convenience of a built-in surfactant that makes an excellent tank-mix partner with Liberty® herbicide.

Not only are grassy weeds difficult to control, when left unchecked they can devastate the yield potential of your canola. According to the Canola Council of Canada: “Of the important requirements for high yield potential, weed management is more important than fertilizer, more important than genetics.”

Among the most dangerous and damaging are wild oats, barnyard grass, and both green and yellow foxtail. With experts estimating yield losses of up to 25% from green foxtail alone, you need grassy weed control you can rely on.

For hard-to-control clumping grass and volunteer cereals in canola, pulses, drybeans, flax, soybeans and forage crops, you can count on our LEOPARD® graminicide. This Group 1 herbicide with the active ingredient Quizalofop-P-ethyl is registered for tank mixing with both Glyphosate and Glufonsinate, among other products.

Asorbital™ Formulation Technology was created in response to Canadian farmers’ expressed desire for innovation in disease control. This new formulation technology was introduced in 2021 and combines a unique mix of solvents and surfactants that helps increase efficacy while reducing environmental impact.

This means more protection can get into the plant faster, with less run off and environmental degradation. With Mother Nature being so unpredictable, and the spraying window being so small, this technology is a breakthrough for Canadian farmers.

You will find Asorbital in SORATEL a triazolinthione broad-spectrum systemic fungicide with proven sclerotinia protection in canola and 5% higher efficacy vs. the competitors shown in Canadian trials. SORADUO is also powered by Asorbital and provides proven fusarium protection in wheat and barley with multiple modes of action for resistance management.

As long as you have challenges, ADAMA promises to stay agile and provide answers that help you get the most out of each acre.

With the largest library of actives in the world and an R&D focus on improving crop protection formulations, ADAMA is uniquely positioned to deliver. We’re all in on keeping crop protection simple, innovative and effective.

For more information please contact your local Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre.