March 26, 2024

FieldView: Better Data, Better Decisions, Better Outcomes

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Currently in the midst of a string of drought years, farmer Dave Hewlitt from Saskatchewan has to focus on making every dollar go further. His local ag retailer recommends he start using digital agriculture tools, which can help him make more informed decisions for his farming operations.

Dave chooses FieldView, a digital agriculture tool from Bayer. Dave switched over to FieldView because of the powerful data visualization capabilities of the platform. He can literally see his data represented in field maps and summary reports, making it easier to understand and use. He can even use FieldView across all his equipment.

In partnership with his agronomist, Dave puts the visual capabilities of FieldView to use right away. After a particularly dry year, they saw wide variations in how much fertilizer the previous crop used. Areas where the crop grew, fertilizer was depleted. But in areas where the crop failed, little to no fertilizer would have been used, leaving variable nutrient profiles across his fields. Faced with high fertilizer prices but armed with these valuable insights, Dave’s agronomist used the data in FieldView to build out an effective crop nutrition plan. This included overlaying yield maps from the previous year with Field Health Imagery to create customized variable rate fertilizer scripts for Dave’s farming operation. In this way, Dave will maximize his fertilizer usage and can now focus his spending where it makes the most sense.

With 7,000 acres to manage during the growing season, Dave and his agronomist use FieldView to prioritize and stay aligned on scouting activities. During one memorable year, a field looked good from the road but not-so-good once Dave ventured further in. Estimating an ultimate crop loss to an insect infestation upwards of 75%, he vowed never to let that happen again. Field Health Imagery maps from FieldView are delivered right to Dave’s inbox, providing a birds-eye-view of his fields. With these visual tools, he and his agronomist can quickly identify areas of concern, and plan scouting activities accordingly. 

When asked why he believes in FieldView, Dave is quick to point out that data collection is part of what farmers need to be doing on a regular basis. Digital insights are valuable pieces of information that can contribute to better decision making in-season, with a trusted agronomic advisor there to support along the way.

A Word from the Agronomic Solutions Team

“FieldView is an impressive tool and one we’re proud to have positioned on our digital product shelf. Our customers appreciate its high-quality NDVI imagery, record-keeping features, and the ability to generate prescriptions. Additionally, growers can take advantage of moisture maps to make informed business decisions for fungicide and herbicide applications.

Through collaboration with our CropWatch Agronomic Solutions team, our customers receive a personalized analysis of their year-over-year data. The platform presents this information in a clear and accessible format, which allows us to quickly identify what’s working well and what needs adjustment. Together, we can strategize or pivot to maximize yields on every acre of their farming operation.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to crop inputs applications, we believe in using data and clear insights to drive targeted and efficient practices. FieldView empowers our growers to do just that.”

Sam Houston
Crop Inputs Manager
Richardson Pioneer

With FieldView, make decisions based on real-time data and manage every acre like it’s your only acre.