June 6, 2024

FieldView Fungicide Scripting: Spray Smarter.

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The variability in your field can have you wondering if spraying an entire field with fungicide is necessary. FieldView™ has the answers. Those who already use FieldView are familiar with its leading-edge features – like fungicide scripting. You can optimize your inputs and glean insights from real-time data with the efficiency of fungicide on-off scripting using the Manual Crop Protection Prescription tool in FieldView. Interested in variable rate (VR) applications? Collaborate with the CropWatch Agronomic Solutions team to create your own VR script. 

Hear what Micah Peterson has to say about fungicide scripting on his farm.

Spray Where it Counts

Even if you’re new to the Manual Crop Protection Prescription tool in FieldView, it’s simple to get started. Be more efficient by optimizing your inputs and maximizing your ROI potential when you create an on-off fungicide script to help you plan your spraying application where your crop will likely benefit the most, and not spraying where it won’t.

Three Steps to Smarter Spraying

1. Script

  • View your field and assess the biomass areas with Field Health Imagery in FieldView
  • Use Field Health Imagery to help identify which areas are more likely to be under disease pressure.
  • Create an on-off script, targeting areas at higher risk of yield damage from disease.

2. Spray

  • By creating “on” scripts for high biomass zones, you target your application to where it will likely have the most impact – and a higher potential return on investment.

3. Validate with yield analysis tools

  • After harvest, you can evaluate and validate your in-crop decisions using Yield Analysis tools in FieldView.
  • Measure the results of your specific scripts, and evaluate the impact of other management practices, too.

Apply fungicides only to areas more likely to benefit from the application. Lower biomass areas of a field may not be susceptible to disease.

The Right Rate is Variable Rate. Create a VR Script with Richardson Pioneer.

By leveraging variable rate technology, you can take advantage of on-off fungicide spraying without the hassle of creating the script yourself. Collaborate with the CropWatch Agronomic Solutions team to generate custom variable rate scripts tailed to your farm operation using the Manual Scripting Tool in FieldView. This approach saves you time and allows you to run the on-off script based on your specific field conditions, weather conditions, and crop staging. The CropWatch team is here to support you in the efficient use of fungicides this season, every step of the way.

* Climate FieldView is not providing application recommendations. A customer’s execution of any prescription will be at their sole discretion. Climate FieldView prescriptions are created using remote Field Health Imagery (FHI). Before application, it is advised that you verify the field zoning is accurate to what has been provided in your purchased prescription. If it is not, please contact your local Richardson Pioneer representative.