June 20, 2023

Power-up Your Pre-Seed Burndown

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You might have heard us say this before but, Weeds Suck! They suck away moisture and nutrients from the soil and they can even suck away profits at the end of the season. Don’t let weeds suck this season. Take control with the unstoppable superpower of a pre-seed burndown with multiple modes of action.

Spring weed control is essential for season-long success. Preserving valuable moisture and nutrients during your crop’s critical growth stages allows the plants to maximize their growth potential.

The case for pre-seed burndown:

  • Eliminate weed competition for emerging crops so they can get a clean start – especially important to crops like pulses that aren’t as competitive and perform better when they emerge in weed-free conditions.
  • Pre-seed burndown is the ideal time to control small weeds and fall-germinated winter annuals that have a head start on spring
  • Early season control helps reduce the chances of more weed seed production throughout the growing season
  • Managing weeds when they are small reduces the risk of spraying when they are outside their ideal window of application

Ensuring your pre-seed burndown features multiple modes of action is becoming more important as we see a rise in herbicide-resistant weeds. Weeds are smart and quick to adapt to herbicides with repeated use.

“If you take a look at the history of glyphosate here in the west, glyphosate alone has been losing some of its efficacy on certain weeds as resistance develops,” explains Mike Bender Technical Services Manager, Eastern Prairies for Western Canada at Nufarm. “You’ll notice that all of Nufarm’s pre-seed burndown products have two or more modes of action, which amplifies the power of a farmers’ glyphosate application and allows them to stay ahead of glyphosate-resistance.”

Bender is referring to Nufarm’s pre-seed burndown portfolio for canola, cereals, pulses, and soybeans featuring BlackHawk®, CONQUER® II, GoldWing®, and ThunderHawk. The portfolio offers unbeatable tank-mix partners for glyphosate, specifically for farmers in Western Canada.

Depending on the crops you’re growing this year, these products could be vital to your farm’s early-season success. “When you think about cereals, BlackHawk is a great fit, and if you’re in the darker soil zones and looking for some short-term residual activity on volunteer canola, ThunderHawk could be an option,” says Bender. “GoldWing is commonly used ahead of pulses and growers have had a lot of success with CONQUER II ahead of canola.”

Don’t let weeds suck this spring. Amplify the power of your pre-seed glyphosate application and help your crops get established during the critical weed-free period with performance, convenience, and resistance management all-in-one package.

Find your burndown partner this spring using the Nufarm Match Maker Tool. Learn more about savings on BlackHawk, CONQUER II, GoldWing, and ThunderHawk through the 2023 Nufarmer Nation Grower Rewards Program

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