May 23, 2024

RevyPro: With the Best-Looking Fields, It’s Hard Not to Stare

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Canadian pulse production is a key part of meeting the growing global demand for pulses—and proper crop management strategies are crucial to continue reaching that goal. Without them, diseases like anthracnose in lentils and mycosphaerella blight in field peas, especially with the growing concern of fungicide resistance, can seriously rob quality and yield in pulses.

Coupled with innovative fungicide products in the marketplace, modern agricultural technologies can help growers identify which areas of their fields are most susceptible to disease and yield reductions.

Innovating Against Pathogen Resistance

In recent years, yield-robbing diseases that were once controlled well by Group 11 fungicides have started to develop resistance. This is a serious problem that BASF sought to resolve with RevyPro®, an innovative new fungicidal active ingredient researched in Western Canadian fields. RevyPro provides efficacy against key diseases regardless of a pathogen’s Group 11 resistance status.

RevyPro is powered by the long-lasting, innovative active ingredient Revysol® in addition to prothioconazole. Both Group 3 active ingredients work well individually but are even stronger together.

It is a timely solution for managing anthracnose and mycosphaerella blight resistant to Group 11. RevyPro gives growers the option to avoid using Group 11 fungicides on resistant populations, using Group 3 actives instead — a mode of action with a lower risk level for resistance than Group 111.

The Latest Technology from BASF

Simply put, Revysol offers broader, stronger, and longer management of disease.

Broader: Revysol is effective across a variety of crops and diseases. With long-lasting residual activity, it can be used across a wider application window.

Stronger: The binding molecule of Revysol can assume different conformations, allowing it to bind more strongly to the pathogen target site. As the first and only isopropanol-azole within the demethylation inhibitors (DMIs or Group 3 active ingredients), Revysol’s unique binding structure maximizes its flexibility to control diseases. The end result? Preventative protection with excellent rainfastness for exceptional disease activity, regardless of conditions. It also offers curative activity for managing post-infection disease.

Longer: Revysol forms reservoirs under the leaf surface, allowing for a metered release that provides long-lasting protection. Its low water solubility ensures consistent translocation throughout the plant.

For pulse growers, RevyPro fungicide is the obvious choice. It provides disease control effective on early- and late-season diseases, helping improve yield across crops. With disease management that really stands out, it gives growers healthier, better-looking fields.

Always read and follow label directions.
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