June 20, 2023

Stressed Out? How to fight early season crop stress

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A plant tells us when it’s stressed. However, by the time you see visual symptoms in your crop, a large amount of genetic potential has already been lost.

Knowing the four indicators that cause stress on the crop early in the season and taking proactive steps to address these stress factors will ensure you maximize the genetic potential of your crop.

  1. Seedling Stall – Many times seedlings will stall due to environmental conditions. Has it been “Too wet, too cold, too hot, or too dry?” If your growing conditions have been less than ideal, it’s likely that your crop is suffering some level of stress.
  2. Limited Rooting – Dig up a few plants and study their roots. Limited rooting will restrict the plant’s moisture and nutrient access. If the rooting is limited, it’s time to give the seedling a second boost.
  3. Missing Essential Nutrient – Did you miss a key nutrient with your soil fertility program? It’s critical to fix a deficiency prior to letting it impact your crop’s yield potential.
  4. Get ready for the herbicide application – Since most crop protection plans include a herbicide application, you need to ensure that your crop is prepared for the stress that the agro-chemical treatment will have on the plant. By applying foliar nutrients in combination with the herbicide, you will help the crop metabolize the chemistries applied and reduce the stress (herbicide hangover) on the plant. As well, by applying the products together, you will gain efficiencies and not have to make an additional pass across the field.

Address the Stress with ReLeaf Platinum – Watch the video (less than 3 minutes) to learn how plant nutrition and biostimulants can proactively manage crop stress.

So how do we provide essential nutrition at the early vegetative stage while reducing crop stress? Integrate ReLeaf® Platinum into your overall fertility plan.

Applied at herbicide timing, ReLeaf Platinum is a complete NPK formulation plus micronutrients to meet the early season nutritional demands of the crop. ReLeaf Platinum:

  • Provides essential nutrients – Contains the proper nutrients in the right ratio to grow deeper, stronger roots to access moisture and nutrients from the soil.
  • Contains two proprietary biostimulants – Transit-S and Cellburst Technology to maximize the efficacy of the formulation and address abiotic stress.

Is ReLeaf Platinum compatible with your herbicide?
We have done extensive work with Agro-Chemicals and other fertilizer products to understand compatibility as well as best practices when mixing products. To view a complete list of compatible products, CLICK HERE. If you don’t see your herbicide, please contact our local reps and they will have your mix tested to ensure compatibility.

For more information, please contact your local Richardson Pioneer Ag Business Centre.